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About Dr. Weiss
The founder of The Healing Institute (THI), Jeffrey N. Weiss, M.D., is former Faculty of Harvard Medical School and a Visiting Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Weiss was introduced to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) when, Dr. Richard Neubauer, a pioneer in the use of HBOT for brain injury, came to him as a patient. Unfortunately, Dr. Neubauer reciprocated the help when several years later, Dr. Weiss’ son, Justin, experienced a near-drowning episode.

Dr. Weiss made an intensive study of the field but when he suggested HBOT to the physicians treating his son, they refused. Though they gave Justin no hope for life, and fought with the Weiss’ to “pull the plug” they wouldn’t allow HBOT because it “might hurt his ears.” The Weiss family successfully fought the doctors and hospital in court to allow Justin to undergo HBOT. The legal victory made international news because it was the first time a hospital was forced to provide treatment. In his ruling, the Judge stated, “I can rule for life, or death and I choose to rule for life.”

During the 6 years since Justin’s accident, he has attended kindergarten, first and second grade. He is fully cognizant but is limited by his physical handicaps. Justin undergoes rehabilitative therapy 5 days a week. Many different treatments have been tried and Justin may be driven 40 to 50 miles per day for what the Weiss’ have identified as the best, most effective therapies. Understandably, the Weiss’ have the resources to give Justin the best possible care. But, what do other families do?

Watch a video and read the story "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Those In Need" from CBS 4, featuring Dr. Weiss and his son Justin. Click here!

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THI will be the first comprehensive neurologic rehabilitative center in the United States that combines the best in therapies for improvement. Our goal is improvement and we will continue to investigate and adopt new therapies and discard the less beneficial ones. At the present time, HBOT, biofeedback and physical therapy will be offered at THI.


Biofeedback is a technique to reestablish voluntary control over a specific response. It is a form of operant learning in which, the patient, through computerized learning, builds and strengthens new neural pathways.

The injury that occurs to brain cells and spinal cord cells as a result of cerebral palsy, stroke and other injuries results in cell death. However, the brain contains trillions of cells of which the average person uses only 10%. Biofeedback trains the “extra” cells to take up the functions of the dead cells. An advanced computer is used to measure signals from muscles whose use is impaired from central nervous system damage. Surface electrodes are placed over a combination or a specific muscle and the electrical signal at the muscle is measured during the voluntary attempt at muscle contraction. The electrical signals are instantaneously processed and displayed on a monitor in front of the patient. Through a trial and error learning procedure, also known as Operant Conditioning, the patient tries to change the electrical signal at the muscle site as a result of receiving the feedback for the correct response. The patient is learning to find and utilize healthy central nervous system tissue more efficiently, which results in greater voluntary control over the affected muscles. In this way, the biofeedback technique enhances traditional physical and occupational therapy. Justin demonstrated tremendous progress using these techniques.

Dr. Preston Olson holds a Master’s degree in physical therapy and a PhD in pediatric rehabilitation with a focus on neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and treatment. Dr. Olson utilizes the newest technology in biofeedback and electrical stimulation and provides children with the highest standard of care.

Dr. Bernard Brucker, was the Founder and Director of the Biofeedback Center at the University of Miami, a consultant to the THI, and Dr. Weiss’ good friend. It is to his memory that the Biofeedback Center is dedicated.

Discounts have been arranged for patients at area hotels and for car rentals. Contact us for more details.

About Our Facility

The Healing Institute use Sechrist monoplace chambers. The 3200 chamber is large enough to allow a parent and child to go into the chamber together. Each chamber has a television with a satellite and DVD connection. We have a large library of children’s movies.

Waiting Room
There are two spacious waiting rooms. One contains a children’s play area, the other a wide-screen television with satellite connection. Either waiting room can accommodate wheelchairs.

Changing Area/Bathroom Facility

There are two handicapped equipped facilities and a changing area for babies. Scrub outfits are provided as are eight private lockers for the patient’s personal items.