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Justin had almost one year of swimming lessons before his accident. Unfortunately, despite the lessons, and the local Drowning Task Force, children panic when they fall into the water. Another approach to prevent childhood drowning was needed.

Dr. Weiss is an electrical engineer and physician, holds 14 patents and has another 6 pending in fields as diverse as medicine, automotive, housewares, telephones and electric utilities. What is an inventor? He is a person who sees a problem and solves it in a way that has not been thought of previously.

Dr. Weiss invented the patent-pending Drowning Alert Device (DAD). This is a water-activated alarm that the child wears on his/her wrist. The device will soon be commercially available at local stores as “Aqua Alert” (see photo below) and a portion of the royalties will be donated to Justin’s Club, a non-profit (501 C3) corporation. These funds will be used for research and to fund the treatment of children whose families cannot afford treatment costs.

Read story about Aqua Alert from WPVI.com in South Florida. Click here to read.

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